MacBook Pro
(laptop) attaché case

Available on commission request

Fed up with having to lug your computer around in a huge bag or a slippery neoprene sleeve... I was! So I designed a computer case thats light, protects your computer and you can carry with ease.

This attaché case has a double layer of 3mm thick wool felt to protect your laptop and a soft leather base and full side pocket  to store your papers and peripherals as well as adds more protection. With the leather and felt side strap and a full length zip across the top, this case is easy to carry and access where ever you are.

Stylish and safe!

Available in other finishes
(Pictured here with an 15" MacBoo Pro)

Sleeve dimensions: 

  • Made to fit MacBook Pro 15" model -  Approximately 35mm larger than the device.

Cost: £200.00 - £230.00

Depending on devise & finish