I'm a London based creative
with a passion for vintage and
heritage clothing, denim, leather
goods and much more.

Always admiring and collecting leather goods on my travels, frustrated and with the cost of pieces around the world,
I thought
“How difficult can it be…?” 
and decided to turn my hand to making a range of leather accessories.

Initially creating things I wanted or needed, small to start and getting bigger and more adventurous with each new project, I created my first collection of items – Wallets, lanyards & belts.




"How difficult can it be...?"




Heavily influenced by the items I’ve hunted down from America, Japan and Hong Kong as well as other sites I’ve researched online, friends and family grew interested in my new hobby, putting in their own requests….

Starting with the basics, I researched leather work online, and soon discovered a wealth of video tutorials and forums. 

Buying small samples of leather on eBay and new tools as each project got more ambitious, it wasn't long before my humble hobby picked up pace. With a fully stocked tool box and 3 huge rolls of leather, it was time to make my first collection ready to sell through my new website.

You can also check out my design website here: www.jimmybaldwin.co.uk