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Baldwin Leather - Panerai watch strap

The first part of a larger commission, this Panerai watch was in need of a new strap. Made it in the matching leather to be used for the wallet lanyard commission, currently in the pattern/design stages. Made on 4-5 oz Oiled Kodiak hide, this strap will last for ever and age beautifully. Made to order for any watches than can accept such straps.

Check my website for details:




Baldwin Leather - Camping stool

After finding an amazing camp stool online made by a US leather brand Wood & Faulk, I thought I'd have a go at making one for myself. After a trip down the local DIY shop, one broom handle and a few bolts later, I cracked on with the project.

See the results for yourself... I just need to trip off into the wilderness to try it out now... stroll note summer!

The stool is available by commission but die to all of the hardware etc, its not as cheap as I'd like it to be -  £100.00

Check it out on my site:



BIG NEWS! - Baldwin Leather's website goes live

Baldwin Leather

Yes, its been a long time coming and its been a journey of many twists and turns to get here but its finally live:

With news of my latest projects, market sales and new commissions, full products lists: Available, commission and specials as well as instructions on how to request a commission.

Have a look for yourself and see if theres anything you'd like to buy or drop me a line to discuss a commission.

I hope you like what you see...

Jimmy B



Baldwin Leather- New Holding page is live!

Most of you may know by now, Hide & Sleek is no more and I have now branded my leather venture - Baldwin - Hand crafted leather goods.

This is now supported by a new holding page, which is now live while I busy beaver away and get my full site finished... which WILL be sooner rather than later...

Check out the holding page here: