IMG_9873My loverly lady Fe subtly hinted she wanted a posh bag for when she goes out in the evenings. (or events with work) Not professing to be able to make anything couture, I thought something classic and simple would do the job instead. Looking around at what hide I had at hand, I wondered if I could actually put something together using the 12oz english bridal belt leather. A bit unorthodox but definitely  clean, classical and will only improve with age and use.

Wanting to keep the design as simple as possible and not clutter it with catches or fastenings, I came up with a design which tucks the cover over the handle and keeps the bag shut. With the addition of a small folding gutter, the bag can hold Fe's evening essentials whilst not compromising its shape (as the leather is so stiff) and still closes easily.

Fe's very pleased with the result and I can't wait to see peoples feedback on her next night out...

What do you think?


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