This is my largest project to date, even more that my tote bag! A commission from my old long term Frankie, he came to me will a pretty specific brief. And over sized A2 folio bag in dark leather, stitched in matching non-contract thread and with no hardware at all if possible. Luckily I had a huge slab of dark brown leather Frankie loved, so it was just don to me to measure up, cut it our, punch 3000 holes and stitch is all together. About 36 hours later... the below bag was complete.

The bag include several new details and features I hadn't done to date, folded stitched hands, large double hems and using a new multiple hole chisel. The folio is soft enough to roll as well as strong and sturdy enough to hold plenty of drawing materials and an art board.

Hopefully Frankie will be as happy with the results as I am... only time will tell!

Additional note: Frankie was stoked with his new folio bag!!!