With this years summer taking an age to arrive... if it ever does, my green fingers are itching to get busy. As well as my garden I like to create some miniature indoor gardens in the form or Terrariums. I know, 'Very 80's" you're saying, but they're making a come back and in a much more style contemporary way.

I'll be adding some images of my own creations soon (Some of you may have seen them on Facebook). In the mean time, here are a few sites that got me inspired with a few of their creations (Much better than mine!)

No, my name isn't James... it's Jeff(rey). I thought my middle name, James, sounded good for a company name. Each terrarium is one-of-a-kind and is created in conjunction with the client (i.e., the shape of the terrarium, the plants, etc.). I think "bespoke" is the best way to describe the terrariums. "Bespoke" (a term of British derivation) means custom-made and originally referred to men's custom-tailored clothing. Essentially, "Bespoke" connotes the level of customization and client involvement in the creation of the terrarium.


Aside from custom-made glass cubes, I was not able to find vessels I liked for my plantings. So, I decided to design shapes I liked and worked with a glassblower to create them. I have always admired artists who work with organic/biomorphic shapes... Anish Kapoor, Dale Chihuly, etc. I play with shapes found in nature such as gourds; pebbles; mushrooms and fungi; legumes; and beans. In addition, I find a great deal of inspiration in modern and mid-century modern design as well as the everyday anything with beautiful curves that mimic life. I have endless shapes in mind and continue creating terrariums with endless variations of plants, materials, and topographies.

I hope to provide the truest representation of nature using the Taoist principles of proportion and scale taking into consideration the shape, texture and size of plants against the earth and the sky... staying true to elements that one would find in nature. These miniature landscapes are enhanced within complementary containers.

More like miniature landscape design, I hope you enjoy these self-contained environments. Each represents a place you have seen or somewhere you have yet to visit the floor of a forest in the northwest, a Zen garden in Japan, a South American tropical forest, or a wetland bog.

Botany Factory is a San Francisco based studio whose mission is to bring greenery to small, indoor spaces. Much like creating a ship in a bottle, terrarium building takes a small, dexterous hand, a collection of minute tools and a keen interest in petite plant life and clever composition.


A plant enthusiast from the start, Katie Goldman Macdonald began her early days accompanying her banjo playing, botanist father on wildflower classification walks through the woods. Ever after, she has nurtured a growing desire to have dirt on her hands and flowers in her hair. She is the creator, designer and owner of Botany Factory. She works with Oakland based glass artist, Evan Kolker, to have her designs brought to life. All of her hand blown forms are organically shaped, playful and one of a kind.

Katie is obsessed with succulents and has turned her apartment into a living, breathing life sized terrarium. She likes nothing better than to pore over her succulent and cactus encyclopedia researching which specimens she will next seek out. Straight from her little Mission based studio to you, her creations are the perfect way to bring a little of the great outdoors inside.



Grow Little is based in Paris. The terrariums are made in hand blown glass vessels of various sizes, each is an original, hand made art piece with a unique miniature landscape design bringing nature's poetry into the home.