My love for Americana - Japanese design, clothing, leather goods alike has made me stumble upon some amazing designers and brands on my travels over the years, whether I was mooching around alleyways abroad or sifting through the many blogs and websites online...

Over the past years a name has cropped up several times but yet to emerge or become available in the UK. Goro. Initialy brought to me y attention for his leather pouches, bags and bracelets, Goro's designs lay deep within the native American genre.

Japanese born Goro Takahashi is a character in himself. Covered in silver and leather, resembling someone out of Easy Rider, Goro is  hells angel than Samurai (stereotypically speaking!!!)

With brands like Crazy Pig and Great Frog  producing a similar ilk of jewellery in London, Goro's goods are far more difficult to get your hands on. And you certainly pay a price when you do!! You can get the odd piece from online grey-market shop Cliff Edge and Japanese online market place Rakuten but the best way to shop Goro is in Japan itself!!

Goro Takahashi  (born in 1939 Tokyo)

“I’ll never be satisfied with my works, which push me to make the next one better, someday I found some work which I am satisfied, it’s the end of Goro’s.” 

“A Silver work could last and existed over thousands years, I am very proud to have my work stay in the world even if I had passed away.” 

“Silver has its own spirit, we could find something on it that money cannot buy everyone should wear something like this, there might be some reasons for us to meet them.” 

“No advertising, merely small amount handiwork.” 

“It’s not only about silver, it’s art.” 

No website, only one physical shop in Tokyo.

Biography -went to Navajo in the United States after he was graduated from the College. -1966 Takahashi went back Yokyo, and Goro’s first exposure in Aoyama, Tokyo -1971 the first and only shop opened in Omotesandō, Harajuku, Tokyo -“YELLOW EAGLE The Legend Story & Spirits of GORO’S” was wrote and edited by SHIN IKEDA , and was published by A-Works.

Goro’s Goro’s has already become a legend of luxurious sterling accessory in Japan with Chrome Hearts. Goro’s was created in 1971, and so far there is only one shop in the world.

“No advertising, merely small amount handiwork.” Whenever you pass Goro’s in Tokyo, you may notice that people are always in a long line waiting for entering Goro’s as kind of pilgrimage, almost everyday. Goro’s could be the symbol or the representative of Japanese sterling silver accessory (some people regard it as jewelry.)

The designer of Goro’s, Goro Takahashi, insists to make each piece of work merely by his hands, which is the reason why Goro’s sterling silver accessory would be that hard to own. Even though you have the chance to enter the shop, the staff will see and decide to sell you their accessory or not. If your style does not match their accessory’s personality, they won’t sell you anything. Generally, you need to keep in touch with them and go several times to create a good relationship with them and their silver accessory. As being their friend, you can have your first Goro’s. Takahashi believed that, there might be some reasons for us to meet the silver, and we could find something on them that money cannot buy, “Silver has its own spirit.” In other words, you have to listen and communicate with the silver, and then you have the qualification to own it.

He had lived in the Navajo (the Native American tribe in Utah) for many years. There he learned antique skills to make silver accessory, meanwhile, he was given an honor of being an Indian warrior, and regarding of the blessedness, he had the right to make Navajo’s silver works. Because the yellow eagle and the sun he made were the holy and inviolable symbols for Navajo.

In Japan, he is more like an artist than just a silversmith or jeweler. He combines the Navajo’s traditional silver-making skills with his unique ideas and designs into his works, presenting by extraordinary delicate exquisite details. You may notice that, I said “works” or “accessory”, not “products.” Goro’s is unique and Takahashi seems to become a celebrity, on the other hand, Takahashi does not need to pay or hire any celebrities, such as famous singers, artists, designers, music producers, actors/ actresses, to endorse for Goro’s. There are many famous celebrities, such as Fujiwara Hiroshi, Kimura Takuya, love and wear Goro’s, and they become the best advertisement of Goro’s. That is the real fascination of Goro’s. “It’s not only about silver, it’s art.” Their most symbolic works should be the feathers and yellow eagles. When you check closely, you may find the each hair or fibril of the feathers, looks like swinging in the wind. That shows us how exquisite it could be, not overlook and details, they are fine and delicate.

By the way, there is one specific thing only happened in Japan, that is, you could go to any selected stores and pawn shops in Tokyo, and exchange your own Goro’s works to Cash. The Goro’s works still enhance in value as a mechanical watches, some people regard Goro’s as investments or collections.

Source - Marcus Troy  Hyperbeast