To be honest, this one was born out of frustration. I wanted to make something different but didn't know what.

Whilst riding my bike with my headphones on (not advisable) that I got frustrated with my iPod , headphone cables and general difficulty getting hold of anything on my person whilst on my bike that I noted the couriers in London all have handy belt pouches to keep their things in close at hand... so I decided to make my own leather version.

Basically a miniature tote bag, with an internal iPod pocket and snap fastener. The pouch has two loops which clip over your belt and hangs freely within handy reach but out of the way at the same time!!

This also got me thinking about the Japanese kids who all have similar pouches having of their belts too. But theirs are based on the climbers chalk bags. Barrel shaped pouches which hang off a belt loop on a carabiner, big enough to hold a drinks bottle too... this is now going to be my next project... Handy for cycling in the summer!!

Let me know what you think... happy to make more!