Yes, being the average bloke, I like gadgets, gear and, of course, watches. But far from average are Panerai, the watches of my dreams. Italian designed  and Swiss made, Panerai are the watch of the moment. But at first glance you may not believe they belong with the super watch elite... Yes their top of the range watches do go for 5 figures, probably 6 but their less ostentatious models reek of simple class and timeless design... Unfortunately the price tag still makes them unobtainable to us mere mortals but I can but dream..... Officine Panerai was founded in 1860 in Florence, where Giovanni Panerai, a businessman, craftsman and innovator, opened the city's first watchmaker's shop in 1860. For years, it supplied the Italian Navy with high-precision watches for the special diving units. The fundamental values of Panerai are based on history and the sea world, authenticity, exclusivity and rarity, product identity and heritage.

Panerai is a high-end status sports brand that operates in a niche segment, fully exploiting its values of belonging that allow Panerai owners to feel “ part of an exclusive Club.”

Officine Panerai is the Italian manufacturer which develops and produces its watches and movements in Neuchâtel, combining Italian design and history with Swiss watch-making know-how. Panerai watches are sold all over the world through an exclusive authorized retailer network and in the company's boutiques.