Tri-fold wallet Ok, this one I'm pretty proud off. Not satisfied with my simpler acrd wallets and pouches, I thought I'd raise the stakes and try something a little harder. So combing elements from my other wallets, I designed and put together these tr1-fold wallets, one in the recognisable tan leather and the other in the slightly softer dark brown hide.

Both have  credit card slots, a coin pouch and main compartment for notes. The fold and clip at the front with a large heavy duty press stud. They can be made do go with a lanyard or sit alone.

Have a look for yourself and see if you're interest...?

As these are more complicated, involve more leather and man hours making them, they cost a bit more than the rest at £90-£100 They fold up to approximately 12cm x10 x 1.5cm.

If you want to order one of these wallets with a lanyard, I'm certainly willing to sell the pair at a reduced rate deal.