As you all may know by now, I have been busy lately making my own range of small leather goods. I have previously posted up images of each item on the go as I make them, some of which aren't the best of quality and a bit too colour saturated. So I have taken the time to take some good, clear and 'true  to life colour' shots of all of the products I have made to date, so you all can get proper look at my work and see if you'd like anything yourselves?? (Hint hint!!)

I will also sticking up price and spec next to each product where I can. Please note all of the prices are guides and if you want a bespoke item, this would have to be discussed on request.

As there are quite a few images, I'm giving each item its own page/post.

The tote bag

An item I'd been after for eons but never found one I liked or could afford. So I made my own.

The bag is about 44cm x 50cm x 15 cm

It has one internal pocket and two straps about 90cm in length (they go over my shoulders fine!)

This bag is available for £200-£250 depending on materials and extras. (I just made a similar bag for my lady which is much simpler, no pockets and with riveted straps in bright red leather.)