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Trying to whittle down the vast amount of online shops I have browsed over the years is pretty difficult. But remembering the good ones and discovering new treats is always a challenge. I love a bargain like the next person but I love the fact the internet has brought the globes high streets to our couches! Here are a few more great websites whose collections are wide and varied. They do have one thing in common, all their products are fantastic, original and high quality. Window shopping has never been so enjoyable!! After three years simply reporting the latest and greatest in all things men, we decided to start delivering it. You're used to getting Cool Material delivered to your desktop on a daily basis, now it's going to be on your doorstep too. The inventory is everything we want (or have) for ourselves: bottle openers, beer soap, camo wallets, metal pens, business card holders and drinking paraphernalia. It's all the cool material you want in one convenient place. When you shop Cool Material, you don't need to shop around.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Goodstead is one of the many stores who grab my attention. Catering for all of us looking for the new and ever-so-slightly different. With many items you'd normally consider ordinary and dull, Goodstead has sourced a finer selection of well produced and somewhat quirky items. Check it out and you'll see what I mean...

The Lollipop Shoppe provides a carefully chosen range of outstandingly conceived and crafted furniture and accessories. Representing a select group of major international manufacturers, it offers a range of classic and contemporary pieces by established designers as well as exciting, up-and-coming design talent.

With a discerning outlook and a keen eye for aesthetics, The Lollipop Shoppe takes pride in its enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to detail. The brand’s eclectic portfolio has been expertly devised and developed to be lifestyle friendly, furnishing clients with a winning combination of choice, quality and character. The Lollipop Shoppe experience is underpinned by professional, approachable customer service, making the whole process of buying design a pleasure from start to finish.

Mjölk (Milk) is pure, honest, and essential.

Located in the Junction, our shop makes its home in a white Victorian building with a modern interior by local architect firm Studio Junction. Mjölk is a lifestyle store; we look to our everyday life to find inspiration for the products we carry. Our smaller products can be used without thought, or quietly admired. In our eyes just the simple satisfaction of functionality and durability, is all you need for a successful product, but when you can derive beauty from the uttermost simplistic tools, then you have something special.

We specialize in Scandinavia because the north enthralls us. Soft, quiet snowy forests and streets in the winter. Glittery, blinding sunlight on colourful buildings during the summer. Fika (coffee break) at the Konditori, with a kaffe and Napoleon pastry in hand. Trolling the Helsinki open-air markets for treasures. Aalto building tours. S.O.S. (Smör Ost och Sill = butter, cheese and herring). Swedish style. Grass roofs. Hot dog streetside snacks. And of course, the Arctic. These are a few of our favourite things.

Slowdownjoe is essentially a selection of products that we like, some you may know, others that we hope to surprise you with. We only work with producers who are making honest products within Europe, USA and Japan (not that other countries are dishonest) - we just like it that way.

A little info about us; Lewis is the founder of , a cool little clothing store that has made some friends around the globe with it's array of great products - Matthew is Lewis' brother and is the other half of slowdownjoe.

Enjoy the site, if you dont, let us know why and we hope our products, delivery and service meet your expectations and a bit more.

Where I Was From is a vintage online store headquartered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, founded by Claire Lampert and Darroch Putnam. We opened in the winter of 2012 after collectively working in fashion, and acquiring vintage, for many years.

Our goal was to create a shop with a translatable aesthetic to wearing vintage items in a modern way. Inspired by classic men’s pieces, we offer a selection of unisex items, as well as exceptional men’s and women’s pieces. With elements of unique and classic in each and every piece, we hope that these items will be sustainable in your wardrobe.

If you would like to know what’s going on with our store, keep an eye on our blog for news and information.

We would always like to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch!