Hide & Sleek is the home to the fruits of Jimmy Baldwin’s obsession with leather goods. Admiring and collecting leather goods on his travels and frustrated with the lack of variety available in Britain, Jimmy decided to turn his hand to making his own a range of wallets, bags and other items.

Jimmy has created a collection of items influenced by his own bought items from America, Japan and Hong Kong as well as other designers from around the world online.

To view the Hide & Sleek collection you can see images and updates on the Hide & Sleek Facebook page and here on wordpress.

All of the items on Hide & Sleek are made to order, they cannot be bought automatically through the website. Instead, you have to put a request in for an item and wait for confirmation and an online PAYPAL invoice.

Depending on the amount of orders being processed, available materials and free time to make your order, you will get a response outlining your orders cost and turn around time. If you are happy with the quote and timings, simply pay the invoice and your order will then be processed and made for you.

Until the  Hide & Sleek goes live, please contact me directly by email or via my blog or Facebook page.

Click the below images for a larger downloadable PDF