Before your minds race off, this is one of my many vices which doesn't include anything lurid or perverse! Read my ramblings about my love for leather goods, wallets, bags, lanyards, key fobs and the rest...

Not just what I like, but where to pick it up from, online and all around the word. I challenge you  NOT be tempted by this collection of lush websites and their amazing goods. Yes, they are expensive but they last for life and the older they get, the better they look and feel.


MAKR is known for using some of the best materials available, most of which are sourced from the US. MAKR has a special relationship with many of its suppliers, particularly Horween in Chicago. Horween has been instrumental in developing unique and exclusive leathers for MAKR, most notably the Scraped Cordovan – an unrivaled material which results in distinctively beautiful pieces. Woods are sourced locally, from fallen trees whenever possible. MAKR is committed to the perpetual pursuit of the most radiant and durable materials available anywhere.

Designs begin as a simple drawing in a sketchbook and are then modeled in CAD, where they are patterned with the highest level of precision. Each and every detail is carefully considered, down to the exact number of stitches. Once the initial pattern is complete, the first prototype is created by hand, just a few feet from the CAD workstation. The prototyping process is known to take several months, with each revision being more structurally and aesthetically sound than the last.

Finally, samples are created from several material options and only then is the design either rejected or approved for production.

444 West New England Avenue No. 102 Winter Park , FL 32789


Forestbound uses exclusively found and salvaged textiles to create a line of durable, utilitarian tote bags. Boston-based designer, Alice Saunders, puts great effort into hunting for well-worn historic fabrics and hardware throughout New England.Many hours are dedicated to working with these unique materials to ensure every Forestbound bag becomes one of a

Tailfeather is about quality. Tailfeather is about design, craftsmanship, durability and practicality.

Tailfeather is the collaboration of Scottie Neoh and Natalia Perez, and is crafted in their home studio in the Tallarook ranges 100 km north of Melbourne, Australia. In the middle of 50 acres of forest, Scottie and Natalia’s studio is surrounded by Gum Trees and is visited by kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas,and an abundance of native bird-life. It is an ideal environment to focus on creating the perfect balance of simplicity and style that makes Tailfeather unique.

Each individual piece is hand-crafted, combining traditional techniques with modern technology; contemporary design is applied to established fundamentals. Each piece is designed to meet the practical requirements of day to day use, and made to last as a generational item.

Everything is produced in the Tallarook studio. Small runs and attention to detail ensure the highest possible quality is maintained.

Scottie and Natalia bring together distinctive skills which contribute to the design and production process. Natalia has a background in textile and design. Scottie is a painter and illustrator better known as BONSAI. For more info check.



Southern Field Industries is situated amidst hills in the Saitama region of Japan, where in a small workplace we produce handmade canvas products. Our staff consists mainly of my wife and myself, both thoroughly dedicated to producing handcrafted products with ultimate care, taking time to give generous attention to minute detailing.

We pride ourselves in producing only what we can reassure our clients as the best possible products from experience and skill, and we are serious about our quality.

Leading up to 2008 when we started Southern Field Industries, I worked at my father’s factory producing equestrian products for the racehorse industry. I learned of the joy in creating good quality products, a result of hard work and expertise craftsmanship.

We are confident that our products will satisfy the most demanding clients as they are produced with high quality standards in mind, and therefore our goal is to have as many people know about our products and cherish our products. Last but not least, we intend to continue to pursue our high level of quality, without compromise.

Okada Manabu


Alex Fairbairn, a little independent designer from the US produces affordable immaculate wallets amongst other things. Check out his goods and follow his blog:


Hand crafted goods produced with time tested tools and heritage techniques.

Our small team of craftsmen produce every piece by hand in our studios here in the Northwest. We utilize the same tools that have been put to work for decades manufacturing heritage leather goods, and in many cases have sought out antique equipment that produce the best results.

All of our sewing is done by a heritage saddle maker who started as an apprentice in the industry in 1964. For the past 45+ years he has been honing his craft, and has been generous enough to pass along his knowledge and skill to the rest of our team.

Tanner Goods 1308 W. Burnside Portland, Ore. 97209


The spirit of the hard graft brand was born back in 2006, we were originally named WORKING CLASS HEROES. In the beginning we didn’t plan far ahead and had no idea about how to run a business but one thing was clear, we wanted to create honest handmade products from natural materials with original and clever designs.

So it happened that in early 2007 we put our first laptop sleeve up for sale online. Within a week somebody in the USA had bought it and the word started to spread. From that moment on, everything changed. We had a new purpose, a new objective and twinkle in our eyes.

We must have been doing something right because the orders kept coming, we would come home after work and cut the felt and leather and sew the sleeves together, joining the queue at the post office to ship the products all over the world to our core customers. Eventually we decided to leave our stable jobs in advertising & fashion and faced the fact that we had something more exciting going on here.


Travelteq is a Dutch design company based in Amsterdam. It all began when a group of friends decided to create beautiful and unique travel products. In 2009 we started off with the idea of designing the first intelligent cabin trolley case.

We are all travelers and we have had a hard time finding products to satisfy us and our travel needs. We aim to create products which are well thought out, innovative, and timeless. We’re constantly searching for good design and quality.

We would like to share our experiences with our fellow travelers and inspire them to travel in style, and discover new places. Our blog contributes to that as well.

Travelers for travelers.

Travel Teq blog


Classic made in U.S.A. footwear and luggage are exceptional as traditional artifacts of the rugged and refined American past. Since 1985, designer Yuki Matsuda has paid homage to the American crafts and traditions by treasure hunting for outstanding examples of footwear and luggage in remote locales spread out across the rolling Appalachians to the high Sierras.

During Yuki's quests for American rarities, he befriended several footwear, luggage, leather, and blanket artisans whose personalities and skills are more beautiful and pure than their output. Yuketen exists from the lessons and heritage gleaned from these men and women, our respected predecessors.

Each Yuketen article begins with utmost thought and research and is constructed solely by aged hands of high-skill and years of experience. We chose only the most durable and precious raw materials such as our all-vegetable tanned leather, which is exclusive to Yuketen luggage products, or our American naked leather unique for it's heavy, thick, and soft characteristics. Yuketen products' finishing touches are made by the owner's individual insignias; the outline of their footprint, crease-marks from the bend of their ankle, imprints from their hands, color shed from their skin, mementos of their lifetime.

We are proud of Yuketen footwear and luggage. May you enjoy the fruits of our labor wherever your journey takes you.

901 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach CA 90254 USA


I've saved my favourite until last. I waited years to get my hands on the wallet of my dreams after visiting Japan. Not being able to buy one when I was there, it took me ages to find the wallets online. I finally stumbled on Take 5, a small Hong Kong specialist Americana clothing and leather store. Rather than buying the wallet online, I actually ended up going there in person on the way home from New Zealand.  Do check out their online store, as it has the best of their stock - My favourite being the Red Moon wallets and leather goods.

Tease yourself and check out their site!

Well thats my 'Lust for Leather' online guide. Hopefully you'll find something for yourselves and join my addiction.